Warwick Hash House Harriers

Bringing the weekly hash to the county of Warwickshire


Social Distancing Exercise

Following the latest government guidelines, we will return to our more-restricted form of exercise from September 14th. To manage this effectively, we would ask that if you would like to join up to 5 friends for some exercise you follow the steps below:

  • Enter your name into an empty cell in this spreadsheet, and make a note of your group & departure time
  • Travel to the start point, individually or with members of your household, in preparation for your group's departure time
  • Please ensure that you only interact with people within your group: before, during, and after your exercise
  • Each group can agree the route they will follow
  • Trail Leaders will ensure that their group makes it round successfully
  • Attendees should bring their own drink(s) to consume at the end
  • Attendees should bring/use their own individual hand sanitiser, if they wish to
  • There should be no sharing of drink containers
  • There will be no “hash fees” collected
  • It is recommended that attendees go straight home after the event

It is assumed that by attending you have read, agreed, and are willing to abide by these guidelines for the health of all involved.

For September 14th, the suggested points to navigate between are: